"Wheels for Work" program

Cars Donated to Clients
Cars are donated to CCO,then inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary and given to individuals or families in need. Recipients must be residents of North Dakota and qualify for a donated car based on eligibility and need. Donors of the cars receive the maximum tax write off as well as the satisfaction of knowing their donation helps people in their community attain self-sufficiency.
Eligible North Dakota residents who own a car that is in need of repair can apply for assistance from CCO. Cars in need of repair will recieve free analysis of the car and CCO funds will be used to off-set the cost of parts and repairs (repairs might not be funded 100%). The goal of CCO is to get the car into safe, working condition. This program is possible through partnerships with local car dealerships, auto repair/auto parts businesses and general community support.
Cars Repaired for Clients

CCO's car care program has an educational component that assists its participants to become self-reliant through vehicle maintenance and budget classes. Vehicle maintenance classes are taught by volunteers with a background in auto mechanics and budgeting classes are offered by employment services specialists and county extension services.
Vehicle Maintenance and Budgeting Classes
Please consider donating your used car to us. Donors recieve the maximum tax write off for cars donated to families. CCO will make every effort to give donated cars to individuals or families in need, but in certain circumstances where CCO would need to sell or salvage the car, the profits from the sale will directly impact people in need of car repairs.
Donate a Car to CCO
Eligibility Requirements
CCO's mission is to serve clients who are CURRENTLY on their path to self-sufficiency. We serve low income people who have employment but do not have reliable transportation and cannot advance or continue in their jobs without it. Lastly, we serve low-income/public assistance recipients who are enrolled in college, technical or vocational (JOBS) programs that are seeking advancement in a career. Applicants MUST have a referral from a social service agency or employer who can verify the need for services.
Due to high numbers of people on our waiting list, please call and speak with a representative of CCO, Inc. or e-mail prior to filling out the application. Call Sarah at 701-226-2488 or e-mail sarahcarlson.cco@gmail.com